Working on a new mens dive watch commercial!

This month we have several high profile projects on the go, and one of them is with a local watch dealer. We are producing a 30 second commercial for their new lineup of dive watches. This is a pretty fun gig as we are going for a very upscale GQ look in the production to really add some extra style and flair.

Scuba diving watches are unique because they feature a unidirectional bezel that helps track elapsed dive time. So dive watches are both amazing tools as well as stylish fashion statements. James Bond himself wears an omega sea master at all times and it always looks great.

cool divers watch for men

These days a man’s wardrobe is not complete without a few fashion accessories and diving watches are becoming more and more popular. Along with a nice belt and some sharp shoes, a watch is a perfect compliment for a blazer or suit. This was the focus of our little commercial and I think we pulled it off nicely. Think of The Transporter meets GQ. We got some great close up footage of the perfectly polished dive watches, and have started cutting the commercial together.

If you are a passionate scuba diver, rocking a dive watch can help you represent your love of the ocean when you are not splashing around in the sea. It is an iconic piece of jewelry that any other scuba divers will instantly recognize and probably help strike up a conversation! So don’t worry about looking great, they are also a great way to make new friends to dive with.

For scuba diver’s watches, helium is always the constant issue. The gas gets into the gasket, and in some cases the new change in external and internal air pressure can cause the glass to crack or break. While some companies seek to solve this by venting the helium through an escape valve, Seiko took a different direction and addressed the problem at its source, developing a case structure that is effectively impermeable to any exterior gases. This was the idea at the center of the creation of Seiko’s Diver’s Professional 600m in 1975.

scuba diving watch testing
In 1983, Japan conducted an impermeability test by submersing several diver’s watches to 300m in a saturation diving environment. the new design for the 600m dive watch proved to be up to ten times more impermeable to helium gas  problems than the other watches from similar companies.The Seiko solution to the helium problem may have the hardest to develop, but it proved to be the best in the end.

So check back soon to see our full cut of our awesome commercial for the best dive watches available on the market today!

Where to find some of the best gift ideas for your boyfriend!

We recently hooked up with a local Miami company who specializes in finding the best gift ideas for a huge variety of occasions. They requested that we help them with their upcoming Christmas gifts promotional video, this one specifically about the best gift ideas for a boyfriend. It was a very light and easy work day and the staff on hand were great. Overall they had some fantastic gift ideas, not just for your boyfriend but for the whole family. Of course sites like these are a great help during the upcoming holiday season that’s for sure.

best boyfriend gift ideas

I personally have struggled to find the best gift for my boyfriend on multiple occasions and wish there were more resources out there to help in a pinch! Their new 2015 list is great and avoids some of the common cliche pitfalls most boyfriend gift ideas lists fall into. There is a great mixture of both cute and fun present ideas that will surely delight the man in your life.

During their shoot we helped them do some up close product photography which was a great way to test out our new set of macro lenses for out cameras. Finding gifts for your boyfriends should not have to be a challenge. Men are pretty predictable and so long as you know their favorite interests, they’ll appreciate being given a thoughtful present. has a great list of ideas for a boyfriend that are sure to please, as long as you keep in mind the things that he likes or needs. We hope you enjoy their cool suggestions as much as we did working with them!

boyfriend christmas gift ideas

Be sure to check out their article to see more, and also check out our top not photography skills we added to their project! I must say our new lenses performed awesomely and we managed to get some great product display shots!

An exciting scuba diving trip to Barbados!

The Video-Senki team recently accompanied a team of scuba diving experts on their yearly retreat to Barbados and helped out to capture some amazing underwater footage! Our team had several experienced scuba divers on board and when this unique opportunity to get out of Miami for a while arose, we jumped on it.

scuba diving in barbados

We have worked with the Scuba Diving Dreams team before and each time have really enjoyed our time scuba diving together. They make great subjects for filming underwater as they are experienced divers who know how to react to a film crew, even when you cannot communicate in full scuba gear!

best scuba gear wreck diving

During the course of our scuba diving trip we had some phenomenal encounters with underwater sea life, from huge turtles that were the size of a small car, to tiny little eels that loved to swim around us. Every animal down there seemed to be curious of scuba divers, just as much so as we were about them! This makes for a very interesting experience and one we were luck to capture on film! we even did some snorkeling using some equipment the SSD teams loaned us, a very neat full face snorkel mask:

The highlight of the trip by far was exploring some sunken ship wrecks just of the coast of the local marina, scuba diving through an old hulking ship is an experience that we will not soon forget. While it can be a bit spooky at first,  once you get used to it, swimming through the bones of a an old corroding corridor is actually very cool!

Anyone who is thinking of going to Barbados in the near future should certainly give this beautiful little Caribbean island a shot, even if you are not planning on going scuba diving, the food and people are simply amazing. It is quickly becoming one of our go to destinations for vacation and has even better conditions for scuba divers than back home in Miami. Do yourself a favor and check it out!